How to Sew up a Braid

There are many different ways of sewing up a braid, I'll show you the methods I prefer.

In the first place I always immerse the ends of braids in a suture, if any possible. It is stable, prevents a very smooth borders from unrebelling and looks clean.When I sew the braid onto a round neckline, I steam it with a damp cloth before I sew it in form. But be careful with the temperature of the electric iron.

Brettchenborte auf Rundkragengewand aufnähenIf you put the pins across, like on my picture, they can be left in place during working with a sewing machine. So the fabric is easy to control and prevents the braid from slipping.

If I want to sew the ribbon on a dress with a v-colar, I proceed as follows:

Brettchenborte aufnaehen Bild 1

1. Here you can see how I fold the tablet woven braid. Make sure you find a proper position, so that the pattern will fit.

Brettchenborte aufnaehen Bild 2

2. Use long pins, when you lay the angles

Brettchenborte aufnaehen Bild 3

3. And again the advice: try to be careful, so that both sides of the braid match.

Brettchenborte aufnaehen Bild 4

4. Now I sew the braid together the tip of the folding. (see arrow)

Brettchenborte aufnaehen Bild 5

5. In the last pictures I'll show you how to go on if you want a linear ending. Turn the braid around

Brettchenborte aufnaehen Bild 6

6. Just fold the tip on the back of the braid upside. and fixit with some smal stiches.

Brettchenborte aufnaehen Bild 7
7. Ready !

Now turn around the braid and sew the tip together as high up as you like. (see arrow)

When sewing up the braid I always start at the tip and first fix it with some long pins. So I make sure, I still can shift the braid until it fits to my liking.

Good luck and have a little patience :-)

Below you see the work of a talented brithish museum tailor: