Making of a Braid

Here I want to show you the history of a handwoven braid from first consultation to the finished woven braid ...step by step

You're not quit sure what kind of tablet woven braid you want or which one fits best for your character? No problem at all, I do have a lot of books about textil-history, tablet weaving (aka card weaving), and the different periods it has been common in. So we surely will find the right braid for you and your garment.

The color and material selection is made! In this example we need blue, ocher and golden tones in natural linen. The picture below showes a little range of linen I have permanantly in stock.

Any color not in stock can be orderd in a short time.
Now I have to wind up 4 cones per color and... them on a special display Stefan has made for me.

After this the tablets are individually threaded in.

Depending on the pattern and yarn that takes quit a time, but then, after this hard work and re-check, the loom is ready for weaving.

Then after many hours of work, it is done.
The braid finally is ready ...
... hold on, something is still missing:

The weft yarn leftovers are neatly sewn up ...

Now your braid is ready and will soon be sent to you.

For a picture of your finished garments I always find a place of honor in my customer gallery. :-)